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The Cosmos

The Cosmos is a monthly feature that highlights major planetary transits, New Moon and Full Moon cycles. By better understanding the movements of the Cosmos, we can then harness these powerful cosmic energies. This ancient wisdom can be utilized as a guiding light in how we navigate certain events, thoughts, feelings, relationships and dreams. Afterall, we are all connected in this cosmic web of wonder.




MAY 4 • NEW MOON in TAURUSThis New Moon in Taurus highlights themes around personal values and self worth. Taurus is the Earthy lover – collecting, curatoring and delighting in all the senses. For a Taurus, value is everything. Value is what we hold as personal units of worth. Because we live in a material world, we can become attached to materials and forms as a measure of success. This New Moon will give us an opportunity to set new intentions regarding self worth as well as being in supreme harmony with Saturn and Pluto ( and Neptune for the rest of the month). What seemed like a challenge is now transformed into new opportunities. We will ask ourselves the bigger questions of what wealth means to us. Wealth isn’t always about money. Wealth is feeling abundance and secure. What kind of abundance do you want to flow more easily to you? What blessings do you already have that makes you feel worthy?

MAY 6 • MERCURY enter TAURUSWith Mercury in Taurus, we tend to be more careful with our words, making sure the delivery has impact and the timing is deliberate. There’s a desire to learn at one’s own pace. A steady mind brings ideas down to earth where they can be made real and practical. Communication and sharing is based on sensorial experiences. We, however, are afraid to go too deep or show our vulnerabilities with others.

MAY 15 • VENUS enters TAURUSIn love with love is the energy of this Venusian transit in Taurus. We deeply appreciate all the senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. We give from our inner resources with a desire for sensual pleasures. Warm and steady physical affection is how we give and receive love. Taurus is the earthly tastemaker and collector, and when it comes to love/lovers the need to possess is no exception. Love delights but it also yearns to for deeper meaning and freedom


MAY 16 • MARS enters CANCERMotivation and will power softens with Mars entering Cancer – the iconic mother figure. We connect more deeply with our roots and home base. Moodiness and over-sensitivity is heightened as we become over protective of our inner world. Action is driven by emotional security and safety. We act more intuitively, guided by our gut instincts.

MAY 18 • FULL MOON in SCORPIOThis passionate Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates themes around transformation and rebirth. Scorpio’s passion knows no bounds. The desire to merge completely with another can take us to the edge of reason and it’s all or nothing with this Scorpio connection. Authenticity, realness and passion are the pillars that form the foundation of transformations, it can ask us to die in the symbolic sense in order to be reborn into who we’re really meant to be. So this Full Moon in Scorpio will ask us what parts in us that we can fully release in order to step into a newer, wiser version of ourselves? What parts in us are ready to become more real, magical and majestic – rising from the ashes to become the Phoenix?

MAY 21 • SUN enters GEMINICreativity centers around asking questions, perception, gathering data, and connecting the dots. We are driven by verbal/written forms of communication and a desire for intellectual recognition. We are enliven by changes, stimulation and self-improvements. Socializing and social connections are easy and effortless during this transit. But the need for speed and quickness could create a sense of restlessness. Make sure to stay grounded and be content with what IS working here and now.

MAY 21• MERCURY enters GEMINIWords, ideas and thoughts flow freely, quickly, intellectually. Learning, gathering information and making connections are highlighted. Curiosity about the world is expressed through friendly interactions with others and an infinite amount of questions. Be mindful to stabilize the urgency to communicate and share so purposeful intentions and focused attention.