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The Cosmos

The Cosmos is a monthly feature that highlights major planetary transits, New Moon and Full Moon cycles. By better understanding the movements of the Cosmos, we can then harness these powerful cosmic energies. This ancient wisdom can be utilized as a guiding light in how we navigate certain events, thoughts, feelings, relationships and dreams. Afterall, we are all connected in this cosmic web of wonder.



2019 Year of The Builder


DEC. 31 / JAN 1 • MARS Enters ARIESEven before we start the New Year, there is a big bang with Mars (Will, Action, Courage, Change, Aggression) moving into his home sign of Aries on Dec 31st! He's been in Pisces (Spirituality, Feels, Daydreams) for some time now. If we’ve felt the tension of wanting to move forward but drowning in our feels, we have Mars in Pisces to thank. This homecoming into Aries allows Mars to be more himself. We are more confident, direct and clear in regards to implementing necessary changes in our lives. Be mindful, however, of how we direct this EXTRA energy and who it’s aimed at. Before we decide to leap with our eyes closed, it might be a good idea to sleep on a major impulse just to be 100% sure. Rushing only leads to regrets!

JAN 5 • MERCURY Enters CAPRICORNMercury rules our communication style, our intellect, our wit and how we process information. Mercury moving into Capricorn (Work Ethics, Ambition, Techniques) will give us more structure and practicality to the way we engage with information as well how we communicate and express ourselves. There’s definitely more of a serious tone with Capricorn – less sugar coating and more “getting to the point.” To balance this transit is to remember that being lighthearted and having a sense of humor is a more universal path to connection – that laughter is the best and the fastest way to connect with others.

JAN 6 • NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORNIn divine timing with the New Year, this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn initiates a 6 month cycle that has us focusing on our long term career goals as well as how we present ourselves to the public world. Since Capricorn’s ambitious nature wants to be seen – not by superficial means or appearances – but through the lens of hard work and achievements. It’s about the sweat equity earned and even the tears we’ve shed to get us to our end goal. So what would you like to see manifest by June? Where have you played small in the past? What attributes will you personally own now? How will you create structure and discipline to manifest your truest desires? Are you motivated by blind ambition or loving intentions?

JAN 6 • URANUS Direct in ARIESUranus (Rebellion, Eccentricity, Surprises) moves direct into Aries making us wildly independent and yearning for true freedom. Our rebellion and attraction to the strange and unconventional magnifies. We question whether the paved path is necessary the right path. We wonder if the path less taken will actually lead us to where we’re suppose to be. We no longer want the same old, same old – the more far out, the better. So who’s ready to get weird?

JAN 7 • VENUS in SAGOf all the transits, this is by far the one to anticipate. Jupiter having been in Scorpio for all of 2018 is now in his home sign of Sag for all of 2019 where he is his happiest and most expansive self. Abundance, adventures, higher education, generosity now flow way more freely with Jupiter in Sag. Having Venus join the Jupiter/Sag party only amplifies our experiences in love and relationships. We allow our romantic, softer side to come out to play. We let our guard down and open to new possibilities in love and adventures. We are not only hopeful but optimistic about that true and deep love. It’s easy to fall in love AND stay in love with Venus in Sag.


JAN 20 • SUN Enters AQUARIUSWelcome to Aquarius season! Aquarius is “The Water Bearer,” or better yet she is “The Truth Bearer.” Aquarians champion personal liberty and independence but not from an egocentric place. She values fairness, quality and humanitarian efforts — that each Soul is entitled to their own personal freedom to live and experience life according to their purpose. With the Sun in Aquarius, we begin to see how our uniqueness, individuality and personal path plays an integral part in the Collective Consciousness. We begin to take ownership of our contribution to the greater good. We rebel against the confines and restraints that are either self-imposed/conditioned upon us either by our families, communities or personal fears. We begin to awaken to a bigger vision of ourselves. We have to be conscious in our Aquarian quest for freedom that we don’t imprison ourselves with our own strong-held ideologies/beliefs. Freedom is openness and the space to explore and create.

JAN 21 • SUPER BLOOD MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in LEOLeo’s ruling planet is the brilliant Sun. Leo’s essence and true intentions center in the Heart. Of the 12 signs, Leo has quite the reputation for being self-expressive, playful, but also EXTRA and highly dramatic: afterall, life is a cosmic stage and they are the main stars. This is the last of the Aquarius/Leo Eclipse series we’ve been experiencing since 2017. During these two years we may have felt the heighten pull between expressing our heart/owning our Light (Leo aka The Ego/Self) and fighting for radical evolution (Aquarius aka The Collective). A major theme of lunar eclipses is relationship. The relationship we have with our selves — our inner voice, inner thorn and our Soul’s purpose, and the relationship we have with others — our vulnerability, our triggers and our desire for deep connections. Dr. Martin Luther King is the highest form of this Leo/Aquarius duality. He used his Voice/Light to shine, transform and shift the paradigm of separation/hate to Love. This fiery charged Eclipse will ask us the ultimate question: “If not now, then when? If not me, then who?” Remember, always lead from the Heart.

JAN 24 • MERCURY in AQUARIUSFour days prior, we had the Sun in Aquarius which emphasized our self view and contribution as The Truth Bearer. With Mercury in Aquarius, we are encouraged to use our intellect to communicate and share our original ideas with our communities and the world. There is a new possibility and path for wholeness—that outdated rules are meant to be broken if they no longer serve their function for the collective good. As Bob Dylan sings it, “The times they are a’changin.’” Mercury will provide the flow and ease for us to share our forward-thinking ideas. Our words will hit the collective mark with precision. Our message will be received loud and clear.

JAN 31 • SATURN in CAPRICORN Sextile NEPTUNE in PISCESIn astrology, a sextile is an harmonious meeting of planets in the sky. With sextiles, however, we are presented with an option/decision as to which way we’d like to go. It’s an empowering fork in the the cosmic road.

The first direction is to go towards Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn honors the incarnated life and the work we are designed to do/experience in this lifetime. Saturn keeps an eye on the clock—the ultimate Reality-Checker but also The Coach to get us to the finish line. Saturn doesn’t want us to miss a beat or a necessary lesson — especially one that will push our Soul evolution. Saturn is that tough love that keeps us on track, when we are lacking and slacking. Capricorn is the diligent worker and manifestation of Saturn’s ruling topics of domain. Capricorn has no issues making Saturn proud and shows this dedication with lots of sweat, blood and tears.

Our second choice is the opposite of Saturn in Cap. Neptune in Pisces is The Dreamer lost in The Dream. Neptune has not physical limits. It’s the deep waters of our imagination, hopes and dreams. Neptune is not bound by logic and structures. The fluidity and flow of Neptune can have us swept away with the currents and tides — aimlessly drifting from our responsibilities and into our imagination and daydreams. It’s the escape we yearn for from the harsh reality of doing and achieving (the flip side of Saturn in Cap). Neptune in Pisces gives us permission to connect to our true sense of our spirituality and intimate feelings. Neptune wants us to see what’s possible with our imagination. We are allow to feel ALL the feels. The danger lies in drifting too far from reality that we are lost in a sea of fantasies. Pisces is Neptune’s dreamy and deep manifestation. Pisces will swim in Neptune’s depths and go where the wind takes her.

So those are our two options with this sextile. Do we take the path that’s paved with a clear sight and end goal—chipping at our dreams with focus and strength? Or do we daringly sail away towards the endless horizon—landing wherever the winds take us—surrendering the the wheel of destiny. What a gift we are given to be able to decide the direction of our path. Either way, enjoy it friends, for life always has a way of giving us exactly what you need in order to heal, grow and love.