Scolecite • Prayer Palm Stone

Scolecite • Prayer Palm Stone

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Prayer Palm Stones are beautiful and powerful energetic tools for mediation, prayer and grounding. Hold the palm stones to raise and align your energies with that of the natural high frequencies of the Scolecite gemstone.

SCOLECITE PROPERTIES • Activates inner peace, tranquility, interdimensional travel and awakens the heart. Ideal for healing sessions, meditation, lucid dreaming and restful sleep. Scolecite is a gentle but powerful awakener of higher consciousness – cleansing the energy centers to allow Light to shine in. It is also great for dream work, delivering subtle messages from the deeper self and higher sources to gain a deeper understanding of one’s true nature – not just in this lifetime. Scolecite is the stone of kindness, gentleness, and peace.

Average Size • 2 in x .75 in x 3 in

Chakras • 3rd and Crown

Origins • Brazil

NOTE • Due to the uniqueness of the gemstones, the patterns vary as well as the sizes. Each are hand-selected for its high frequencies and energetic properties

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