2019 Year of The Builder

MAR 1 - 26 • VENUS enters AQUARIUSFor the past month, Venus was in Capricorn where our views of beauty, love and money was very grounded in practicality and reliability. Now she’s in Aquarius where we value independence, freedom, and unconventionality in our approach to social relationships with business partnership. We aren’t limited by the reality of responsibility; rather, we can innovate and expand our vision of the future with our unique perspectives. Aquarius is known to be “too cool for school” and emotionally aloof, but it’s this very mystique that makes them the most intriguing. They have their eyes on the big picture and less on their feelings. During this time, we value forward-thinking partners and partnerships, ones that gives us room go our own way – allow us room to breathe and space to explore.

MAR 5 - 28 • MERCURY RETROGRADE in PISCES This is the first Mercury Retro of 2019! Mercury is the Cosmic Messenger. He moves at high speeds, covers great distances, and aims to deliver. Mercury rules the intellect, ideas and communication so stimulation, information and momentum are key notes. Being in retrograde in Pisces is his detriment; after all, the lines are blurred with Pisces because she is purely emotional and intuitive rather than logical. Pisces is also about subjective dreams, images and visions. During this Mercury Retro, we’ll experience fuzziness and mixed messages from people, places and things. No need to rush. Take your time. This will allow us to discern what is true and what is projected. Be patient and easy. Things will surface for us to gain clarity where we may have questions before.

MAR 6 • URANUS enters TAURUSPerhaps one of the bigger, anticipated transits of 2019. Uranus takes 84 years to make his full rotation through all the signs, staying 7 years in each sign. Uranus is the planet of reinvention, consciousness, revolution, evolution, chaos, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. Authenticity is the highest value for Uranus so he will shake things up and tear things down in order for us to be our most authentic self. Being in Aries for 7 years, we were radically changing and revolutionizing our notions of personal identity – awakening to our true self. With Uranus moving into the Earthly Taurus, our views of self worth, money and possessions will shift in unexpected ways. For the next 7 years, we will radically define what true personal value means to us. Is it money, creativity, success, family, love, or spiritual evolution?

MAR 6• NEW MOON in PISCESA New Moon gifts us the opportunity to set new intentions for the next 6 months. With a New Moon in the most spiritual sign, we are asked to recommit more deeply to our spiritual purpose and path. We are asked to recommit more profoundly to our intuition and to trust our dreams. And to do so without fear of judgements of others. These questions that will help guide your intentions. Where are you currently on your spiritual journey? How will you take your spiritual journey to the next level? Where do you need to trust your intuition more fully? Being a natural empath, how will create healthy boundaries with people? How will not take things so personally? How will ground our daydreams and make them a reality? How will we begin to share our given gifts with the world?


MAR 20 • SUN Enters ARIES / SPRING EQUINOX • Spring has officially sprung with the Sun entering Aries. Already!? Being the first of the zodiac means that Aries is the first to start and the first to finish. Aries is the spark that ignites the flames of passion. For a seeding to burst out of its shell, it requires determination, willpower, and pure energetic force. Aries season will take our confidence to the next level and help us move into action – where we will learn from doing, not from thinking. Be mindful not to be too aggressive or forceful with this new-found boldness. If there are goals, ideas and dreams that need to be ignited, now is the time to use this spark with powerful intention. Honor this magical time of rebirth!

MAR 20 • FULL MOON in LIBRAA time for completion arrives with the Full Moon in Libra. Libra seeks harmony, balance, peace and partnerships. Our inner world may often feel turbulent if our thoughts aren’t stable or optimistic. Or if we don’t stand in our power with our relationships. Libras are quite sociable and love to please. They can sense what others want before the individual knows what they want. The aim for Libras is to make sure their relationships are two-way streets. Lastly, Libras can see both side of the coin so being decisive is key. For the next 6 months, what area in our life can we add more balance? How do we ensure that our relationships/partnership are equal and fair?

MAR 26 • VENUS enters PISCESLove goes inward when Venus enters Pisces. Is your unconditional? Can we dream together? I see you, do you see me, all of me? Venus in Pisces heightens our romantic notions. We can lose ourselves in another so it’s best to be mindful where we overcompensate or sacrifice our personal needs to “save” another. The theme this month is balance and creating boundaries in order to have healthy relationships. Listening and trusting our intuition is key in all aspects of our life.

MAR 31 • MARS in GEMINIMarch is heavily-focused on emotions with all the Piscean energies. Mars in Gemini provides an active momentum if used properly. There is two paths one can take with Mars in Gemini. Since Gemini loves ideas, thoughts and information, Mars can give Gemini the fuel to push these ideas forward – to game plan and move into action. This combo can be an unstoppable powerhouse. However, the flip side is restlessness if there aren’t clarity and a focused approach. Mars in Gemini loves to talk it out, so except a lot of debates. Remember to pace ourselves and to stay focused on the task at hand.